Brand Safety Reinvented

Avoid toxic content with the most advanced AI technology

Trustium detects misinformation, extremism and other forms toxic content. Now you can use programmatic advertising with the confidence of direct publisher relationships.

Why Trustium?

Inventory Expansion

Take advantage of additional high-quality pages that were erroneously blocked by blocklists.

Minimize Risk

Protect brands from harmful content that blocklists miss.

Improve Ad Performance

Target high-quality content and benefit from higher retention, engagement and perception.

Trustium TearSheet™

• Know your brand’s exposure for every campaign
• Track every URL where your ad is displayed
• Get a score for every URL based on credibility, toxicity, sentiment, and bias
• Inform your Ad Exchanges of brand risk and negotiate for protection strategies


Trustium BrandSafe™

• Protect your brand by avoiding toxic content
• Control your campaign by placing bids based on content quality
• Benefit from the “halo effect” of association with high-quality content
• Make your programmatic campaign safer than direct campaigns


How it works

Trustium uses Artificial Intelligence to evaluate every page on it’s own merits and does not whitelist/blacklist sites or rely on keyword matching.  Our AI determines the toxicity level for each page, enabling a much more nuanced evaluation, and giving far better results.

Credibility Indicators

We analyze each article using a battery of credibility indicators and detect linguistic patterns to provide a toxicity score for news articles.

Artificial & Human Intelligence

We continuously improve our machine learning engine through user feedback that is vetted by content experts.

Trustium’s Categories and Indicators

Target based on Quality

We allow advertisers to place bids that target high-quality content and avoid ad placement next to emotional, biased, or otherwise toxic content.

Trustium News

Coronavirus in the news

New Trustium study evaluates Google News Coronavirus coverage

Trustium analyzed nearly 500 Coronavirus articles featured on Google News and found that most are high-quality news.

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Opinion masquerades as legitimate news on Google News

Negligent design practices deceive news consumers and raise the concern that many Americans may be unintentionally and unknowingly consuming bias in their information diet.

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The Ad Industry’s Solution for Toxic Content is… well, Toxic.

Trustium’s solution allows the AdTech industry to abandon block lists and use advanced AI technology to increase available inventory while protecting brands from toxic content.

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Objective, independent, transparent

Trustium is a startup based in the United States. We are self-funded and transparent about our team, our values, our mission and funding sources. We are not affiliated with any news organization, political party or corporate interest.