Add an Element of Trust

Trustium exposes clickbait, bias, emotion and other forms of toxic content, protecting both news consumers and advertiser’s brands from harmful or damaging content.

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Ad Exchanges and Advertisers

  • Avoid embarrassing or toxic content
  • Expand reach and inventory on long-tail sites without brand risk
  • Increase ROI and margins
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News Readers

  • Recognize suspicious articles faster
  • Avoid embarrassment of sharing fake news
  • Get family & friends to stop sending you fake news articles
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How it works

Trustium evaluates each article on it’s own merits and does not whitelist or blacklist sites. Our rating system is based on the attributes of the content and tells you how likely an article is to be credible, emotional or biased so you can apply appropriate critical thinking.

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Credibility Indicators

We analyze each article using a battery of credibility indicators and distinguish news articles from opinon, satire and more.

Artificial + Human Intelligence

Our Machine Learning engine is continuously improving through user feedback that is vetted by Certified Reviewers.

Trustium’s Categories and Indicators

Incentivizing Quality Content

We recognize news articles that adhere to high standards so readers and advertisers can reward the best quality content.

Objective, Independent, Transparent

Trustium is a startup based in the United States. We are self-funded and transparent about our team, our values, our mission and funding sources. We are not affiliated with any news organization, political or corporate interest.

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