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The Trustium tech stack helps everyone in the ecosystem.  Whether you’re an Advertiser, Publisher, or Ad Exchange. Trustium can help you!

Enhance Ad Inventory

Our ability to evaluate every web page as users visit them enables you to utilize small websites or unknown publishers as Premium ad space

Protect your Brands

Our Machine Learning models evaluate the credibility, determine whether sites are agenda driven, and allow advertisers to avoid questionable content.

Increase Margins

Additional Premium ad space means each Ad Auction has more value.  Publishers get more revenue per ad viewed, Advertisers get more face time with customers, and Ad Exchanges see increased margins.

Turn Long-Tail Inventory Into Premium Performers

Blind programmatic ads can be risky for advertisers’ brands and budgets. Fake news articles can tarnish a brand, even without using traditionally offensive key words. Fake news irritates readers, reducing ad responses. What can Ad Distribution Networks do to protect their clients?

The Veronomy Fake News Detection API(™) (Veronomy API) lets ADNs offer clients visibility into the quality of articles on otherwise blind remnant inventory. Now advertisers can:


Veronomy API uses natural language processing, machine learning and a proprietary database to assess the text of news articles in real time. By leveraging the insights gained from delivering a consumer product, Veronomy is able to offer a scalable, low-latency, reasonably accurate news article rating tool for Ad Distribution Networks.


Avoid questionable content and favor credible content. Readers dwell on longer, in a better frame of mind, improving ad response and protect brands


Turn low-cost remnant inventory into premium-like inventory

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