Trustium BrandSafe for DSPs

Trustium BrandSafe for DSPs

BrandSafe provides the ultimate in Brand Safety functionality for your advertisers, while also expanding your programmatic ad inventory.
We operate on a revenue sharing model, so there’s no risk to get started!

Increase High Quality Inventory and Revenue

Trustium verifies content — page by page — from publishers, so you can accept more inventory and still keep your advertisers safe. 

Now you can accept 10x the publishers while simultaneously decreasing your workload and increasing the quality of your network!

Integrates Directly into Ad Auction Systems

Trustium’s APIs are simple and quick, with guaranteed sub-10ms response times.

Offer your advertisers a bid modifier based on the toxicity score for each page to leverage the value of high-quality content.

Premium Quality from unknown publishers

With Trustium’s protection, you can position and price your programmatic offer like a premium direct publisher relationship, while offering the widest distribution possible.

Increase your programmatic margins by using smaller publishers while offering your clients the highest quality content.

Build your Inventory Today!

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