Choose the News You View

Fake news wastes your time and energy. Unintentionally forwarding it is embarrassing. Seeing your friends fooled by it is infuriating. Now there’s help.

The Trustium Fake News Detection Extension(™) instantly alerts you when news articles are likely fake, unreliable, opinion, or satire. Trustium helps you focus on things that are real, getting more enjoyment and value from your time online. Trustium gives you more control.

If you persuade friends and family to install Trustium, they may stop sending you links to so many argument-inducing fake news articles.


Trustium provides color-coded badges so you know at a glance if an article meets your quality standards…before you read it.

You can drill down to see how Trustium rated each article for credibility, bias, emotional sentiment, and why. If you disagree with Trustium’s rating, you can provide instant feedback to help improve our Service.

Trustium is available for Chrome and Firefox.  Try it out for free!

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