Trustium TearSheet

Trustium TearSheet

Assess the exposure of your ad campaign with Trustium’s patented toxicity detection engine.

We track each impression of your campaign, evaluate the content of every page where your ad is displayed, and provide a comprehensive analysis of the trustworthiness and toxicity for the campaign.

Understand your brand’s exposure

Track every ad impression by URL in your ad campaign

View the score for each page based on credibility, toxicity, sentiment, and bias.

Get a detailed brand risk assessment — and all the data!

Inform your advertising decisions

Understand how your DSP or Ad Exchange is distributing your advertisements.

Push back on charges for embarrassing exposures.

Improve your ROI on ad spend

Inform your Ad Exchanges of brand risk and negotiate for protection strategies.

Direct campaigns to the most effective partners.

Sign up before your next campaign

Our simple API will capture every ad impression and provide a detailed report on the quality of every page where your brand was exposed.

Fast and simple to implement.  Zero performance impact. 100% insight.