Who is Trustium?

Our Mission

Trustium is an independent company who promotes accuracy and credibility in the media through the use of tools which identify misinformation. We enthusiastically believe in freedom of expression and are actively protecting this freedom by exposing efforts to pollute digital media with various forms of deceitful information.

Our goal is to make our users’ lives better. In 2019, sharing misinformation cannot only be embarrassing personally, but can be damaging professionally. We have all been there — we know how confusing it is to know what’s “real” online, and how easy it is to repeat something that might not be true. Trustium is there to help you cut through the noise by providing a simple, easy and trustworthy tool.

Our Team

Deep experience scaling start-ups, with multiple exits.  Expertise spans multiple industries including software, security and journalism as well as academic research in news media.

Cedar Milazzo


Jacob Bailly


Dr. Elizabeth Earle


Bill Skeet


Nameer Hirschkind

Data Scientist

Maria Ilich


Alex Fedosseev


Jon Bond

Jon Bond


Carl Fremont


Our Financial Support

Trustium currently has no financial supporters or partners. It is fully funded and supported by the Trustium team.

Trustium operates the Trustium website as well as the Trustium Chrome extension and Firefox add-on.